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  本篇英国代写-Facebook在中国的扩张讲了在上面为Facebook提供的SWOT表中提到了许多机会。需要讨论的主要机会是它在中国领土上的扩张,这是一个里程碑式的成就,经常被称为“伟大的中国机会”。就像我们已经知道的那样,Facebook现在已经是世界上最大的社交网站,2015年4月的报告中引用了全球9.36亿人参与其中。本篇英国代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  There are a number of opportunities which have been mentioned in the SWOT table presented for Facebook above. The main opportunity which needs to be discussed is its expansion into the Chinese territory which is a landmark achievement and have been often quoted as being the ‘Great Chinese Opportunity’. Like it is known already that Facebook has been the world’s largest social networking site now, with 936 million people worldwide being a part of it, as quoted in the report of April 2015. But one country with the maximum population still had it banned in 2009. This was regarded as a loss of opportunity because banning Facebook from China would mean leaving behind an untapped potential of ‘632 million Chinese Internet users’. The government saw Facebook as a threat and as a feature of government opposition, thus it was banned.

  The main objective for Mark Zuckerberg is to bring Facebook to China which is a lucrative market as the users increase as much as 20% daily. Though there are users who use an uncensored version through proxy servers, one of the ways in which Facebook can enter the main market is by becoming the government’s tool, which again has a number of pros and cons to it.

  At the given point of time, china is all set to be the biggest economy by 2020, and Zuckerberg as studied by the experts needs to produce some kind of a local server for the Chinese Facebook users which would have filtered social content as per the government’s requirement in collaboration with the Communist Party there (Kirkpatrick, 2010). Chinese companies like Baidu, which is a search engine and the social media service with name Sina Weibo, coordinates with the Communist Party in order to function. Thus to tap all the potential that China provides, Facebook might have to present an altogether different version to reap benefits from the Asia pacific region.