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We live in a world that is driven by the media where we are the sheep and the television is the shepherd (Scott: 2012). Daily, hundreds of television shows are viewed, a thousand magazines are read, a million advertisements are watched by the people and trillions of websites are visited. The media has successfully become a medium of supplying its users with the best available information (Garner: 2009).

The media text I would be analyzing today is an advertisement of Citizen Watches. This advertisement focuses on women and how timing holds immense importance in their lives. This is in another language and in the advertisement is said that

‘Leave or love,

Back or forward,

Hesitate or restart,

The woman doesn’t like to spend time regretting,

Every moment is a new start Citizen light-powered electric watch.’

The analytical model used in this advertisement is that of semiotics as the language in this advertisement counts a lot (Halliday: 2000). Although there are glimpses of other models as well, the semiotics has been most evident.

According to the semiotic analysis, representation is extremely important in any advertisement and one should define what a certain product represents (Chandler: 2004).  In this advertisement, Citizen Watch represents a confident woman who is independent and takes legitimate decisions and is not at all confused. This helps in boosting the spirit of women who watch this advertisement and would inspire them to act in the same way.