Assignment First



与次市场类的酒店相比,菲奥娜酒店已经做得很好,总是高于次市场类集团在其入住率,ADR,可用,除了可数个月相似或略降低比次市场类。这表明酒店在香港和九龙市场享有特别优惠。酒店的ADR、入住率和每间可用客房平均收益(RevPar)的较高基准本身就是一种声明,使酒店成为市场上最受欢迎的酒店(Burt, 2015)。与2014年相比,酒店入住率和每间可用客房均有一定程度的下降,但这只是报告中的两个月,从今年头两个月的入住率来评价全年的入住率是不正确的。酒店行业的入住率和每间可用房也发生了变化,这是可以理解的,因为市场力量在一段时间内对酒店市场产生了不利影响。

英国代写 :酒店目前的收入和销售情况

The hotel seems to use less of its available resources which is dipping the revenue per available room in every 3-4 months. This is a rapid cycle and is ongoing for the last three years. The RevPar percent change is significant in the running 12 months and it indicates the maximisation of revenue streams for each room that is sold and that is available. The RevPar is generally connected with a higher occupancy, such that when the occupancy is high, the RevPar tends to be higher as guests using rooms will use multiple services on availability. The use of multiple services is higher in such urban luxury hotel as these hotels are built for providing all facilities for guests and the guests also stay with complete knowledge of the services and facilities of the hotel to be utilised.
When compared with the submarket class group of hotels, Fiona hotel has been doing well and is always up and above the submarket class group in its occupancy, ADR, and RevPar, except in countable months where it is similar to or marginally lowers than the submarket class. This indicates the exceptional preference that the hotel enjoys in the Hong Kong and the Kowloon market. The higher benchmark of the hotel’s ADR, occupancy, and RevPar is in itself a statement which makes the hotel the most preferred hotel in the market (Burt, 2015). The occupancy and the Revpar have decreased to an extent compared to 2014 but it has only been two months in the report and it is not right to comment on the entire year’s inflow looking at the first two months of the year. The industry occupancy and RevPar has also changed and it is understandable due to market forces acting against the hotel market for a while.