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  本篇英国代写论文-公司治理和财务报告的问题讲了已有大量文献对财务分析师预测精度和公司治理结构的影响进行了研究。从宏观角度来看,立法薄弱的国家被发现公司治理较弱(Satchell, and Knight, 2011)。在这种情况下,人们发现财务预测得到了加强。然而,在大多数情况下,对于糟糕的财务预测来说,这并不是真正的问题。本篇英国代写论文文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Issues of corporate governance and financial reporting

  There has been extensive literature that investigates the influences precision of financial analyst forecasts and the corporate governance structure of the companies. It has been found from a macroscopic perspective that the countries that have weak legislation are found to have weaker corporate governance (Satchell, and Knight, 2011). Financial forecasting is found boosted in this situation. However, this is not the real issue for bad financial forecasting in majority of the cases. It has been found that the some corporate management is more optimistic; it can causes issues when the actual financial statements for the company are released. This causes principle agency problem within the companies (Satchell, and Knight, 2011). Shareholders and investors get apprehensive when the companies do not meet the forecasted trends. Forecast should be accurate to ensure that the companies sustain in the future. Sound financial disclosure reduces agency problem. It bridges the gap between the management and the shareholders. When everything is made aware to the people, they make informed decisions. In this process, all the stakeholders are benefitted. In some instances, there is a lot more optimistic forecast; this is due to a variety of issues. Insider ownership and family members are in the board; it has been found that the probabilities of errors are found to be higher. There is a need for companies to have the right corporate governance structure for accuracy in forecast results.

  Relationship of Security analysts

  Security analysis is the investigation of financial instruments that can be exchanged or sold. They are called securities (Clements and Hendry, 2008). These securities can be further divided into debt securities and equities. They are sometimes used in combination with one another. In some situation, they also encompass futures contracts and credit derivatives. Financial forecasting plays an important role in the security analysis model.