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  本篇英国代写论文-红十字会的运作模式讲了红十字会主要集中在四个领域。它们集中于采血、救灾、向战争受害者提供更坚实的援助和特别照顾等部门,并参与社区教育范例。下面将更详细地解释这些。本篇英国代写论文文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  3.1 Operation Mode of Red Cross

  The Red Cross is found to focus on four major areas. They are focused on the sectors of blood collection, disaster relief, solider aid and special care to the victims of the war and involved in the community education paradigm. These are explained in more detail in the following.

  3.1.1 Blood Collection

  Red Cross has been eluded to be the main organization for the blood collection efforts for the patients. It has been found that they collect and maintain blood supply (Willis, 2016). The numbers of people who donate blood are roughly 4 million. It is primarily known for its blood collection efforts. The organization is found to have collected blood from many of the places and it is processed in two places. It is the component lab and the testing lab (Icrc. Org, 2014). The testing lab is to ensure that the blood is safe from transmissible diseases. There are many testing that is done to ensure that the blood is indeed safe. The component lab is known to separate the blood between the red blood cells, plasma and the platelets. The test results are found to be collated with this analysis and are then sent to the various medical agencies and hospitals. This is devised based on the needs of the situation.

  3.1.2 Disaster Relief

  Disaster relief is the next focus that is given major importance by the Red Cross. It is considered to be primary responsibility for handling of the local, state and federal governments. In the aftermath of a disaster, the government tries to address the requirements of the situation. The government requires a lot of monetary and emotional support to the people. The Red Cross tries to respond to the disaster or emergency incident as soon as possible (Hutchinson, 1997). The maximum time that they take to arrive at a place is considered to be lesser than 2 hours. The Red Cross arrives at a scene of the disaster. They provide the basic services to the people and provide emergency medical aid to the people. Some of the exigent circumstances are the people who need dialysis or the diabetes medication. They provide mental health assistance in the cases of exigent circumstances to the victims who have met the ravages of the disaster. They train personnel who have prior experience in the cases of disaster counselling. Additionally, they offer longer term aide to the rebuilding of the people. These services are housing or providing of the food to the people. They use a variety of tools to coordinate with the different agencies and work towards uniting family to get separated during the war.