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  本篇英国代写论文-香蕉生产中的生物技术讲了农业生物技术承诺通过其一系列解决方案减少贫困和改善粮食安全,这些解决方案可以提高作物的耐受性,并使这些作物能够避免真菌和杀虫剂引起的疾病(Chopra, 2005)。基因技术带来了一种特定食物的多种版本。例如,非卡文迪什香蕉是一个特殊的版本,是全球需求。这种生物技术可以提高作物产量,减少作物危害。本篇英国代写论文文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Biotechnology in Non – Cavendish Banana Production

  Banana is regarded as the staple food in Africa and the surrounding regions where major exports take place. Cooking banana production has had few shortcomings over the years for farmers. Non – Cavendish bananas have great demand in the global market. With the usage of biotechnology, it is possible for the farmers to experience income security to their families and food security to their nation. Food security has three major dimensions – sufficient quantities of required foods, easier access of foods by households and sustainable nourishment to the consumers. Cooking bananas are highly nutritious by nature. The soil in Africa has been extremely supportive to the cultivation and distribution of such cooking bananas. However, quality has always been an issue in such crops.

  To ensure metabolism and safety post assimilation of cooking banana, biotechnology helps monitor and maintain quality no matter how the external environment remains on a specific day (Chopra, 2005). Such genetically engineered crops can decrease or even stop crop – damaging insects from nearing the crops. Additionally, the pesticide poisonings would be ruled out. This will save a lot of lives. In countries like Africa where both the genders co-work at the agricultural lands, the contribution is enormous but the returns are limited. Now, biotechnology can stand as the best solution to small scale farmers residing in low as well as middle level income countries.

  Agricultural biotechnology promises to reduce poverty and improve food security with its range of solutions that can improve tolerance of crops and enable such crops to stay devoid of fungus and pesticide – causing diseases (Chopra, 2005). Gene technology has brought about multiple versions of a specific food. For instance, non – Cavendish banana is one particular version that is of global demand. This biotechnology can increase crop yields and decrease crop damages.

  Biotechnology helps the farmers to determine the worthiness of crops. There are times when farmers do not know the current health and yield statuses of crops which could lead to huge losses. This can totally be avoided with biotechnology in hand that helps carry out the sampling tests of crops on regular basis to determine the health scenario and treat with necessary instruments to make it healthy. There are also genetically engineered crops that are prepared to proliferate the production values and enrich productivity by all means. This is again a form of cooking banana genetic engineering.