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Link是支持整个过程的两个变量或元素之间的连接。在这个现代时代,业务不能在孤立的环境中进行。要想在商业上取得成功,它需要各种各样的人联合起来实现他们的个人目标和实现他们的总体目标。经济发展、健康的商业实践、法律框架的采用和实施等是供应链成员都想实现的总体目标。通过对供应链各个方面的分析,可以看出,在企业组织的供应链中,有许多不同的因素相互联系或联系在一起(张,Myers, & Mentzer, 2010)。

英国代写 :企业供应链范围内存在的一些联系


战略联盟与协作——战略联盟或协作可以被视为企业管理部门为实现其目标而采取的战略行动。根据这一策略,商业组织与另一家公司结盟或签订合同,在确定的考虑条件下提供某些服务。战略联盟公司和合作公司可以视为协会,并将被纳入企业组织的供应链(Kim & Lee, 2010)。这样,战略联盟和协作就可以被看作是企业和行业与协会之间的纽带。

英国代写 :企业供应链范围内存在的一些联系

What linkages exist between businesses/industry, government, associations and universities, primarily relating to supply chains?
Link is the connection between two variables or elements that support whole process. In this modern era, business cannot be done in isolation environment. For success in the business, it requires various hands to join each other for achieving their individual objectives and to achieve their overall objective. Economic development, healthy business practices, adoption and implementation of legal framework, etc. are some overall objectives that each member inn supply chain wants to achieve. After analysing various aspects of supply chain, it can be noted that there are many diversified factors that links or connects together in supply chain of business organisation (Cheung, Myers, & Mentzer, 2010).

英国代写 :企业供应链范围内存在的一些联系

In this report, analysis of various linkages that exists in supply chain management or supply chain of organisation has been conducted. Following are some linkages that exit between business, government, associations and universities in relation to or in context of supply chain:
Strategic alliance and collaboration- Strategic alliance or collaboration can be treated as the strategic move of management of the business organisation for the achievement of its objective. Under this strategy, business organisation tie-up or contracts with another company to provide some services at determined consideration. Strategic Alliance Company and collaborated company can be treated as association and will be included in the supply chain of the business organisation (Kim & Lee, 2010). In this way, strategic alliance and collaboration can be treated as linkage between business and industry with associations.