Assignment First

  本篇英国代写-生态系统服务讲了生态系统服务分为三类,分别是提供服务、规范服务和文化服务。供应服务被认为是由生态系统产生的产品,包括食物、淡水、燃料木材、纤维、遗传资源和生物化学。生态系统的调节服务是生态系统过程的整体调节和维护所产生的效益,包括空气质量的维持、气候的调节、水的调节、侵蚀的控制、水的净化和废物的处理、人类疾病的关系、生物的控制和授粉。文化服务是生态系统的最后一项服务,它是非物质利益,是通过精神充实、认知发展反思、游憩等关键审美体验来实现的。本篇英国代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Link between the assets to the ecosystem services framework

  The concept of the ecosystem is to provide a key and valuable design or framework which helps to identify and analysis the key bond between the natural asset and environment. This is better explained as the ecosystem approach which is considered to be one of the major strategies or the overall integrated management of the land, water and all the living resources which help to endorse the overall conservation and good use of the equitable mode. Thus, ecosystem approach helps to provide a balance of the three aims and objectives which are a convention, conservation and suitable use of the ecosystem that will lead to the fair and equal sharing of the benefit which is raised due to the overall use of the genetic resources (Leonard, 2009).

  Key ecosystem services

  The ecosystem services are categorized under three sections which are provisioning services, regulating services and cultural services. Provisioning services are considered to be the product which is generated by the ecosystem which includes foods, fresh water, fuel wood, fibber, genetic resources and biochemical. Regulating services of the ecosystem are the benefit which is generated from the overall regulation and maintenance of the ecosystem process which consists of the air quality maintenance, climate regulation, water regulation, erosion control, water purification and waste treatment, relation human disease, biological control and pollination. Cultural services are the last service of the ecosystem which is the non-material benefits, are attained through spiritual enrichment, cognitive development reflection, recreation and other key aesthetic experiences (Preston and Shackelford, 2002). Other important services related to the ecosystem services are the supporting services which are those considered to be the essential for the overall production of the all the related ecosystem services. The differences between the three ecosystems and the supporting system enable to detect the level of impact on people that are either considered to be the direct or occurred over period. It changes in the other key categories which are directly related to the overall erosion control and are classified as the supporting or regulating service.