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时代的女性对他们的能力和他们的家庭责任,这可能会影响他们的表现在工作的质疑。在决定雇用妇女的工作,这些信仰构成具体的挑战。选择一个特定职业的老板在雇用女性或男性或个人的同意工作的选择是受社会价值观和文化价值观,学会了很多次歧视妇女(Iyer和Ryan 2009)。在很大程度上,性别差异的因素,作为女性和男性的性别决定的喜好。


At every stage, it has been observed that women experience high degree of frustration because of the progression barriers albeit the promotional roles are in ability and sight. It is believed by many that the reason why glass ceiling barrier is exerted upon women in the workplace is because of attitude of the society, preconceived idea that managerial and workplace positions are all male based and also because of the prejudice towards women.

Employers are rational people who responsible forputting a right individual for the correct job.For instance, employers prefer attractive women when the work requires appearing on advertisements and public relations. This is because of the fact that they act as a good marketers and helps in selling of their products. However, preference is given to men in case the work is related to manual labor, production and technicality work. There are few employers who are of the opinion that because of the intermittent and truncated breaks for child rearing and bearing higher cost for employing women and comparatively the output of the woman employees is not high.

Women at times are questioned regarding their competency and also regarding their family responsibilities which might impact their performance at work. In decision to employ women at work, these beliefs pose specific challenges. The choice of aboss to hire women or men or individuals’ choice to agreeto work in a specificprofession is influenced by social values and learned cultural values which many times discriminate against women(Iyer and Ryan 2009). Largely, factors related to gender which differentiate professions as female and male determines the preferences.