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  本篇英国 代写-VCI的风险投资讲了VCI的风险投资有很多优点和缺点。然而,应该注意的是,风险投资交易的成功或失败是依赖于个别交易(Peneder, 2010)。MTT应该制定一个仔细的融资计划,提高他们愿意放弃给VCI股权的意识。应该得出确切的计划。该计划的成功实施将使参与该过程的所有利益相关者受益。本篇英国 代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  In venture capital deals companies gives up equity for funding. They need to show significant growth potential for a particular idea or concept. If it is a newer company the risks involved are greater. Hence VCI will need to face more risk for this reason. This is a typical high-risk high investment scenario. VCI is a relatively larger company with more expertise. MTT can face possible override of control. They can control the key decisions made by MTT. There can be a loss of certain level of ownership for the company. There is a possible loss of equity position for MTT in this scenario. In most Venture capital funding deals this relates to the creation of business plan. Funding for running MTT essentially comes from another source. In this situation there is a possibility that the company can face constant scrutiny and surveillance.

  MTT also needs to carefully analyze the funding plan. In many cases the funding is not given fully. There are several factors that are considered. The funding plan must be carefully worked out between the partners.


  There are a number of advantages and disadvantages that are observed in the Venture capital funding with VCI. Nevertheless it should be noted that the success or failure of the venture capital deals are dependent between the individual deals (Peneder, 2010). MTT should develop a careful funding plan with increased awareness of the equity they are willing to give up to VCI. Exact plan should be derived. Successful implementation of this planning will lead to the benefit of all the stakeholders involved in the process.