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  本篇英国代写-新南威尔士州教育体系讲了Arndell学校通过适当的教育策略为有社会行为心理健康问题的学生提供适当的教育成果,并设法使他们重新融入正规教育(新南威尔士州教育公立学校,2015)。在上述小节中讨论的研究表明,为特殊需要学校计划的干预措施必须围绕正在接受干预的学生仔细计划。为了吸引学生,学习策略必须有足够的差异化。在Arndell的案例中,干预是围绕着学生进行的。在学生被介绍到学校的时候,学生的家庭也参与其中,这使得教学更有针对性。本篇英国代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Arndell school achieves appropriate educational outcomes for students who have social-behavioural mental health issues by proper educational strategies and manage to reintegrate them with regular schooling (NSW Education Public Schools, 2015). Research studies discussed in the above subsection indicates that the interventions planned for the special needs school has to be carefully planned around the students that are being in taken. The learning strategies have to be differentiated enough in order to engage the students. In the case of Arndell, the interventions are planned around the students. At the time of student introduction into the school, the family of the student is involved which makes the teaching more student need specific.

  In the case of working with children with social and behavioural problems the interaction with the parents of the child is considered as significant. In the case of the Arndell School, this interaction is achieved by having teachers work collaboratively with the parents of the students. The school works with the Coral Tree Family Service in order to achieve this. The school is in fact part of the Coral Tree Family units and meets behavioural needs of each individual student (NSW Education Public Schools, 2015). The collaborative working ensures that the teachers are made aware of the requirements of students, the problems they faced in the traditional learning environment, and more. Teachers also get the chance to interact with parents and present to them the ways and means to help the children.