Assignment First

  本篇英国代写-游客和旅行者的目的地讲了旅游业正在成为巴西的主要产业,它包括两个最重要的旅游目的地,即圣保罗和巴西国家公园。这两个目的地通过向游客展示巴西的自然景观和复杂的历史遗产,为游客提供了一个绝佳的视角。独特的文化和绝美的结合通过定义与目的地相关的业务来体现。巴西的主要自然景观是亚马逊河、亚马逊丛林、亚热带和热带地区的其他雨林、独特而迷人的植物和动物物种,以及沿海岸的广阔海湾和海滩。本篇英国代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Destination for tourists and travellers

  Tourism is becoming the major industry in Brazil, and it consists of the two most important tourist destination places which are the Sao Paulo and the Rio de Janerio. These two destination places are offering a fabulous peek by presenting the tourists and the travellers with the natural spectacle and the complex heritage of Brazil. The integration of the unique cultural and the absolute beauty are represented by defining the business related to the destination. The main natural attractions which are identified in Brazil are the Amazon River, Amazon jungle, other rainforests in the subtropical and the tropical regions, unique and fascinating plants and animal species and the extensive bays and beaches that line the coasts (Bajwa & Kaur, 2007). It has many other historical places which are identified as the tourist’s places for the tourists and the travellers which are the Ouro Preto (a historic town), Jesuit mission of the Guaranis and Olinda, Iguacu national park, Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Congonhas, Brasilia, Atlantic Forest, Pantanal Conservation Area and Central Amazon Conservation Complex. Other than these tourist’s places, the Brazil is famous for some other historical tourist places which are the Sao Francisco Square, Diamantina, Cerrado protected areas and the Derra Da Capivara National Park.

  Description of Carnival of Rio

  The Carnival of Rio is defined as one of the best-known Carnival functions in the world and fact is that it is the largest Carnival celebration in the world. The carnival is described to be filled with the parades, drinks, foods, music and the fun which is enabled of attracting the attention of the local people and the tourists. During the time of the carnival, the government of Brazil had declared it as national holidays in Brazil and it seemed to be running from Friday night to the following Wednesday noon. It is identified to be attracting half a million foreign tourists every year, and it consists of the mixed cultures (Graham, Papatheodorou & Forsyth, 2016). The samba is identified as the primary music which is played in the Rio Carnival, and the rituals are present for the Candomble dance with the drums and the handclaps. The mixing of the cultures can be easily defined by including the Romans and the Greeks in the Carnival celebration. Apart from this, the grand carnival presentation and the preparation made by the natives of the Brazil attract the tourists, and it is identified to be making the growth of the economy of the nation.