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  本篇英国essay代写-结束冲突的方法讲了结束冲突的方法有很多,在国际研究中,Gallo(2013)提出了一种更系统地理解冲突的方法。在系统方法中,解决问题的方法是将问题分解成更小的问题。因此,将系统分为子系统和系统的组成部分等。在定义问题时,还需要考虑子系统之间的相互关系。系统方法上下文确保对情况有一个系统的观点。因此,问题不是在孤立的背景下看待的,而是基于其原因、对其他变量的关系影响和影响变量等来理解的。本篇英国essay代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  There are many approaches to end conflict and in the case of international studies, Gallo (2013) presents the approach of understanding the conflict in a more systemic manner. In the systems approach, problem is approached in terms of dividing into much smaller problems. Owing to this the system is divided into subsystems and components of systems etc. In defining the problem, it is necessary to consider the interrelationships between the subsystems as well. The systems approach context ensures that a systemic view of the situation is present. So, problems are not viewed in an isolated context, but rather would be understood based on their causes, their relationship impact on other variables and the influencing variables etc.

  Understanding the stakeholder makes it possible to understand the issues better when considered in the context of systems approach. A solution is more pluralistic in approach when stakeholders are considered as it ensures political boundaries and more are defined in context (Boulding, 1977). The systems approach considers these interrelationships. Therefore, making use of a systems approach with an understanding of the different stakeholder would really put things into better perspective. So far, the approaches to end conflicts here have been the linear one where conflicts are understood based on stricter definitions of boundaries and have not incorporated the different subsystems properly. For instance, the events in Galilee, could be the stakeholders in the conflict whose rights were being abused. A very strict boundary definition for the subsystem would cause the Palestinian stakeholders rights to being abused. Is his is true if one were to consider the majority context. However, when one is to consider the context of the groups other than the majority, such as some of the general Israeli public who cannot speak up against the government, then one will identify that their rights are being abused as well. Hence, the boundary aspects cannot really be drawn hard and fast.