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热力学第二定律也提到,从地球上开采出来的资源是不能循环利用的,甚至不能提炼出来进一步使用,如氦和金属等。能源成本的不成比例的增长与资源回收的更大比例相一致(Cengel, Yunus, and Michael, Boles, 2002)。因此,必须指出的是,人类使用的资源在地面上循环或存在于地面上,人类的工业必将分散和消失。能量的未来也受到热力学第二定律的影响。能源总是试图从更集中的形式转变为不那么集中的形式(Ruth, Matthias, 2013)。这些能量只能用于过渡时期的一些基本任务。

根据热力学第一定律,创造和毁灭能量是不可能的。这一规律在当今文明中对可再生能源的未来几乎没有应用。世界上所有的能量都可以被人类使用,但重要的是它应该以足够集中的形式存在。人类不可能从能量中获得任何有意义的好处(Gratzel, Michael, 2012)。这些能量以一种高度集中的形式存在于化石燃料中,正因为如此,化石燃料非常神奇。人类可以通过燃烧化石燃料使这些能源以一种合理而有意义的方式为他们工作。化石燃料的燃烧将释放集中的能量,并在生物圈中以热的形式分散。目前,化石燃料的现状是人类容易获取的化石燃料越来越少。

It is also mentioned by the second law of thermodynamics that the resources that are extracted from the earth cannot be recycled and they cannot even be refined for further use such as helium and metals etc. There is disproportionate increase in the energy cost in accordance with the greater percentage of the resources recycled (Cengel, Yunus, and Michael, Boles, 2002). So it must be noted that the resources that are used by humans are circulating above the ground or are present in the ground, the industries of human beings will certainly scatter and will be lost. The future of energy is also affected by implications of the second law of thermodynamics. The energy sources will always try to transforms themselves from the more concentrated forms into the less concentrated forms (Ruth, Matthias, 2013). The energies can only be used for performing some essential tasks during the transition period.
According to the first law of thermodynamics it is stated that it is impossible to create and destroy the energy. This law has very little application in the future of renewable energies in present civilization. All the energy of the world can use by human beings but it is essential that it should be in sufficiently concentrated form. It will be physically impossible for human beings to take any meaningful advantage from the energies (Gratzel, Michael, 2012). The energies are contained in fossil fuels in a highly concentrated form and because of this reason the fossil fuels are incredibly fantastic. The human beings can make these energies work for them in a reasonably meaningful manner by burning the fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels will lead to freeing of the concentrated energies and it will disperse as heat in the biosphere. Currently the state of fossil fuels is that the mankind is running short of the fossil fuels that are easily accessible.

英国essay代写 :热力学原理在可再生能源中的应用

人类使用的各种能源除了核能和地热能外,都来自太阳。地球在一小时内接收到的阳光足够满足人类一年的需要。对于人类来说,如果人类无法管理如此巨大的能量,那么来自太阳的这么多能量将会被浪费,对人类来说是无用的(Armaroli, Nicola, and Vincenzo Balzani, 2007)。这些能量通过将它们从分散形态中集中而被大规模地管理。弥散形态是能量撞击地球表面的形态。对人类来说,能量不会以其集中的形式工作。能量就像自然界中存在的其他物质一样,从高浓度区域自然地扩散到低浓度区域(Moran, Michael, 2010)。将射向地球的阳光以各种有用的形式集中起来,如电力和生物燃料等,将是一项非常具有挑战性的任务。与太阳能集中有关的两大挑战是技术和光合作用。

直接使用太阳能是利用可再生资源技术的最好例子。还必须指出的是,地球上最大的气象发动机是由太阳能提供动力的,这就产生了风能、水能和波浪能(DeHoff, Robert, 2006)。有了光伏效应,太阳能可以转化为电能。它也可以转换成电力与使用镜子在热集中,因为他们将有助于集中在一个中心点太阳能的目的是驱动汽轮机。根据这些原理,这项技术非常简单,但根据热力学第二定律,要达到任何有意义的效果,就必须扩大技术规模。

The various energies used by human beings are derived from the sun except nuclear and geothermal energies. The sunlight received by the earth in an hour is enough to fulfill the needs of human beings for a year. For human beings this much of amount of energy from sun will be wasted and is useless for human beings if the human beings fail to manage such massive energies (Armaroli, Nicola, and Vincenzo Balzani, 2007). These energies are managed massively by concentrating them from the diffuse form. The diffuse form is the form in which the energies hit the surface of the earth. For human beings the energy will not work in its concentrated form. Energy like other things that are present in nature gets diffuses away naturally from the high concentration regions towards the low concentration regions (Moran, Michael, 2010). There will be a very challenging task of concentrating the sunlight that hits the planet earth in various useful forms such as electricity and bio-fuels etc. The two major challenges that are related with concentration of solar energy are technology and photosynthesis.
Direct use of solar power is the best example of the use of technology for renewable sources. It must also be noted that the greatest weather engine of earth is powered by solar energy and this results in wind, hydro and wave power (DeHoff, Robert, 2006). With the photovoltaic effects the solar energy can be converted into electricity. It can also be converted into electricity with the use of mirrors in thermal concentrators as they will help in concentrating the solar energy on a center point with an aim of driving a steam turbine. According to the principles this technology is very simple but according to the second law of thermodynamics the technological scales have to be rolled out for achieving at any meaningful effect.