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1. Introduction

Small business is one of business form. It plays an important role in a society contribution. According to Churchill (1987), it is define that small enterprise should has 10 to 49 employees. Aroma is one of UK successful Chinese buffet inn. It establishes the first restaurant in Stevenage in the year 1997. After 3 years development, it develop its second restaurant because the specially test food and reasonable price strategy. There are various kinds of food operate in Aroma, which include fire food, tipanyake, rice, noodles and fruit, even the restaurant supply desert at weekend. There are 7 branches around UK. Aroma is an excellent example in small business. In this report, it has two main parts, in the first part, it aims to explain business behavior about Aroma Company, which will from networking, marketing, and promotion branding and sales four aspects respectively with 4Ps theory. In the second part, it will display that the company difference with its competitor through SWOT theory, which is aim to analysis Aroma core competence.

2.Main body

The main target market of Aroma is young population. No matters from the restaurant decor style to food favor are satisfied young age customer. In order to attract more target customer, the company insists do activities as following.

First, for social network aspect, the company will hire numbers of part time staff from university in weekend. The first reason is because the restaurant is busy in weekend, the second is though those staff to make a free advertisement for Aroma. The company has a reward strategic which is any staff can get commission if the staff can introduce numbers of customer. Therefore, after young customer first time to Aroma, they will attract by Aroma.

Second, for artificial networks, Aroma has a corporation with charity. The company wills sale their food in university or in shopping mall with very low price regularly. All the profit will donate to the charity which are they corporate with. When customer consume, staff will gives a vouches and buffet menu, it helps Aroma attract lots of customer.


In this report, it mainly from four aspect to evaluate Aroma buffet business behaviors. In the first part, the report is analysis the company networking system from customer and supplement two aspect. Aroma has well performance on networking area. It will be the core competence in Aroma future development. in the second part, the report from strategic clock ,marketing mix and brand promotion three aspects to analysis the company marketing position. Aroma currently is in a hybrid stage, however, it generally come to differentiation stage. Though 4ps theory analysis, it introduce Aroma market situation and analysis reasons for the company success.


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