Assignment First

此外,英语是被多数的中国大学生的主要语言。展望日益增长的英语倾向,如果说它是大多数学生所采用的第一种外语,那就错了.。无论是教学或学习,英语已成为大多数国家随着中国最重要的语言,因为它是必修课,从教育在小学开始教(Cheng &柯蒂斯,2011)。因此,英语有着至关重要的作用,在中国的教育系统,由于较高的认可和接受;学生也愿意学习这门语言。


Due to the faster development which is going on in China, the interactive communication among the Chinese people and the English speakers has also increased to a greater extent. In this modern era, the youth of China want to walk along with the every step of internationalization for which English is a very essential factor of concern. Keen enthusiasm and strong desire have been noticed in case of the Chinese students for learning English as they accept the fact about mastering in this language will facilitate lucrative employment one day- very true. For the tertiary education otherwise known as Third stage and post secondary education, English is a very necessary language and most of the Chinese believe this fact (Cheng & Curtis, 2011).
In addition, English is considered as the major language by a majority of the university students of China. Looking towards the growing inclination towards English, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the first foreign language adopted by most of the students. Whether it is about teaching or learning, English has become the most important language in most of the countries along with China as it is a compulsory subject which is taught from the commencement of education in primary schools (Cheng & Curtis, 2011). Therefore, English language has a crucial role in the education system of China and due to the higher approbation and acceptance; students are also willing to learn this language.
Perception and Attitude
Perception can be defined as a process with the help of which people interpret their sensory impressions on the basis of a rational view. Perception is equivalent with the reality which is the world around the people and it is based on practical purposes so that the ideas from perception will guide the human behavior as a general rule (Gek, 2003).