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本篇文章主要讲述的是必和必拓公司的经营策略,它对市场表现非常敏感。不断上升的能源成本、勘探成本、劳动力成本、运营成本和材料成本对公司产生了不利影响。商品价格的任何变化都可能对公司不利(Reeves, Haanaes, and Sinha, 2015)。人们发现,必和必拓严重依赖中国经济来维持生计。在上一财年,中国市场的不确定性导致该公司在其季度表现不佳。这表明,该公司依赖于各个领域的财务业绩来维持。本篇英国管理学论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

It is very sensitive to the market performance. Rising energy costs, exploratory costs, labour costs, operational cost and material costs have adverse impacts on the company. Any changes in the commodity pricing can be detrimental to the company (Reeves, Haanaes, and Sinha, 2015). It has been found that the BHP Company is heavily dependent on the Chinese economy for its sustenance. In the last fiscal year, Chinese markets being uncertain had caused the company to underperform in their quarters. This shows that the company is dependent on the financial performances across the spectrum to sustain.
These are the macro environmental economic factors of the company.BHP Billiton is known to a drilling company. This essentially is not helpful for the environment unless they follow stringent sustenance policies. It has been found that the cultural influences of the local communities have an impact to the operation. New mining and development projects also require the local community to approve the processes (Morrison, 2011). These newer operations should not affect the local communities or affect their school or hospital development in the area. This adds to the production cost for the company. The company follows the latest cutting edge technology for their production and drilling purposes.
They have also recently embarked on more green initiatives. It is because of their technology they have been able to sustain in the current times (Reeves, Haanaes, and Sinha, 2015).They need to follow the principles and legislation of the world countries. They also need to adhere to the UN conventions, Euro conventions and follow the mandated protocols of the individual countries where they operate (Salvioni, and Astori, 2013).Carbon footprint in the case of drilling companies and extraction companies are relatively higher. They need to follow the environmental guidelines in order to create sustainability and also to reduce the environmental pollution. The company needs to follow and reduce their carbon impacts (Reeves, Haanaes, and Sinha, 2015). This would add to the production cost of the company but will eventually be compensated owing to the brand image and the sustainable policies of the company.