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  本篇英国管理学论文代写-社交媒体讲了社交媒体是跨国公司接触全球客户的首选工具,同时让客户充分了解其提供的服务和发展。如果不利用社交媒体进行发展和营销,它就是一个专制的组织。尽管这是一个与全球消费者直接联系的独特机会,但它也可能是该公司失败的一个重要原因。本篇英国管理学论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Social media is the most preferred tool with which multinational corporations are able to reach out to a global customer base, and at the same time keep its customers fully aware of its offers and developments. It is a repressive organisation if it does not use social media for its progress and marketing. Although it is a unique opportunity to connect directly with global consumers, it is also capable of being a strong reason for the corporation’s failure. The more transparent social media is, the most vulnerable it is in terms of direct confrontation of consumers with the airline’s inability to fulfil its loud commitments. The handling of social media is more apt for corporations which are in consumer goods and large services. The benefit of social media is its ease of access which enables a crisis-torn corporation to repair the damage and reaffirm its commitment to its consumers. Apology is unique when it comes from a large multinational corporation, because it is the least expected and it makes the victim look important and relevant.

  This essay discusses the case of Air China’s tryst with angry consumers, who were warned about visiting some locations in London, populated by particular ethnicities. The case informs of social media as a handy tool available which can reverse the damage before it is to become too bad. The magic of social media must be adopted with wise usage.

  Analysis of Air China’s case study

  Air China is the official government carrier of China and flies to global destinations across. In late 2016, in one of the flights London, the inflight magazine Wings of China offered a statement warning travellers to London to avoid travelling to locations that are populated by Indians, Pakistanis, and black people (Connor, 2016). This warning aroused a racist mentality among readers. The warning did a lot of harm to the carrier, because some readers highlighted the warning and the racism motive behind it on social media, which immediately went viral. This particular warning coming from a national carrier of a large Asian country, which preaches unity, diversity, and equal opportunity to all races, makes it look too diminished in its image. The carrier was informed of the statement and it took time to report and repair. The airline initially did not see anything racial about it and thus delayed its response. Meanwhile, the anger toward the airline grew to an extent that people started to think and spread the proposition of boycotting the airline.