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关于这一信息,领英网站的首席安全官科里·斯科特(Cory Scott)做出了回应,他提到公司已经对每个账户进行了攻击。


英国广告学论文代写 :数据泄露的案例分析


为了保持越来越多的保护,确保LinkedIn的用户定期更新密码是很重要的。除此之外,他们还需要实现双因素认证(Shaver, 2016)。这是一个非常有用的安全特性。它将安全代码发送到用户的手机,以便登录到用户的个人资料。

英国广告学论文代写 :数据泄露的案例分析

There has been much news related to the data breach in the recent times. One of the greatest data breaches of 2016 which has caught eyes of the world is the data breach of LinkedIn. It has been identified that in this data breach a hacker has stolen around 6.5 million passwords from the website which had been encrypted. After this it was posted on the Russian Crime Forum.
On this information the chief security officer of LinkedIn website, Cory Scott reacted and mentioned that the company has compromised with each and every account.
In order to take the required steps, the company has done in the invalidation of the passwords of each and every account which has been impacted. Each and every person has also been contacted by the person who has reset their passwords.

英国广告学论文代写 :数据泄露的案例分析

The security has been breached because of the fact that the passwords which have been used in the accounts lacked the “salting” security feature. Though, it was assumed that after the breach in 2012, LinkedIn begun to use the ‘salting’ feature for the purpose of security.
In order to stay more and more protected, it is important for the users of LinkedIn to ensure that they keep their passwords updating in the regular manner. In addition to this, they also required to have the implementation of the two factor authentication (Shaver, 2016). This is such a security feature which has proved to be very useful. It sends the security code to the user’s phone in order to Login to his profile.