Assignment First






Therefore it has been stated in the papers that now coaches are trying their best to assist their respective college athletes to teach them the pros and cons of social media on their professional life.
As per these readings, social media plays a significance role in the life of college athletes as many high school athletes use social media while recruiting the candidates or athletes and their social media blogs portray their image. Therefore, it can be said that social media can also ruin their career because of their inappropriate tweets and posts. It has really become a critical environment for the college athletes as they have to face the dilemma of what to post or what not to post on these social networking sites. These college athletes have to face a lot of criticism from their rivals and their fans because of just one wrong step on social media which can even spoil their whole professional life.
Apart from this, it has also been depicted in the given articles that these college athletes have to face host of restrictions which sometimes irritate them too such as what they can and cannot share on social media about their personal life publically but they have to follow all the rules and regulations to be a star athlete. Apart from this, these college athletes have to sign a contract in which it has been clearly stated that they cannot share their personal life on social media and cannot write anything regarding a particular product they have used as this can lead to the advertisement of that particular product and rivals can take this in a different manner which can ruin their reputation and can spoil the reputation of their institution too (Paulson n.par.).