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1924,超现实主义是由Andre Breton出版的第一期“La Ré进化着é阿利斯特”正式成立(Foster,2004,p.190)。根据现代艺术的概念、超现实主义等现代艺术运动是Dada a’substitute,其艺术家关注这场革命开始联系。超现实主义艺术家们探索的自动化和梦想的可能性”(同上,p.123),它是在潜意识中创造的,最初是从西格蒙德·弗洛伊德的理论(Tate Modern)。

马塞尔·杜尚的“现成”理论指的是通过使用普通的人造物体而创造的艺术作品,然后在它们中进行一些艺术上的变化和修改,作为一种被称为“视网膜艺术”的补救方法。做一些改变带来新面貌的对象可以称为现成的。这些都是通过倾斜和签名(喷泉),把钉子上(礼物),通过插入一些机械变化等,然后对象成为艺术品。根据Andre Breton(Foster,2004),成品是超现实主义的对象实例(André,1969)。定义“现成品”由马塞尔·杜尚提出,也存在与é布列塔尼和保罗É卢亚德的超现实主义的定义“一个简单的对象被提升到新的高度,达到一个艺术作品的尊严,艺术家的纯粹的选择。”杜尚年产不超过20成品艺术工作的对象在他的整个生命(马休斯)。成衣的概念正在改变它的理念贯穿了杜尚的生活(Waldberg,1965页)。大约所有的创造,是超现实主义的概念下做出的令人惊讶的组合,不合理的,不合逻辑的艺术作品,包括对象和艺术在一个相似的地方(schneede,M 1974。)。


In 1924, Surrealism was officially established by Andre Breton who publishes the first issue of ‘La Révolution Surréaliste’ (Foster, 2004, p.190). According to the concepts of modern art, Surrealism as a modern art movement which was a‘substitute for Dada’, whose artists drew attention from this revolution and started to associate with it. Surrealist artists were ‘exploring the possibilities of automatism and dreams’ (ibid, p.123), it is about creating in the unconscious mind, theories originally from Sigmund Freud (Tate Modern).

The theory of readymade of Marcel Duchamp signifies the art work that is being created through using ordinary manufactured objects and then making some artistic changes and modifications in them, as a remedy which was called “retinal art”. Making some changes that brings a new look in the object can be called readymade. These is being done through slanting and putting a signature on it (Fountain), putting nails on it (The Gift), through inserting some mechanical changes etc, and then the object becomes an artwork. According to Andre Breton (Foster, 2004), the readymade is an example of surrealist object (André, 1969). The definition of “readymade” proposed by Marcel Duchamp and also exists in André Breton and Paul Éluard’s Surrealism that defines “a simple object is being elevated to a level to reach at the dignity of a work of art by the mere choice of an artist.” Duchamp yearly produces not more than 20 readymade art work objects in his entire life (Matthews). The concept of readymade was changing its ides throughout the life of Duchamp (Waldberg, P. 1965).  Approximately all the creation that were made under the concept of surrealism was surprising combinations, non sequitur, illogical artworks that includes object and art at a similar place (Schneede, M. U. 1974).