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  本篇英国教育学论文代写-跨文化管理讲了调查和识别国际管理在酒店业不同员工的跨文化管理中所面临的各种问题和挑战。我们将为酒店业的管理者提供进一步的建议,以应对这些挑战和问题。本研究的研究内容具有重要的意义,它将有助于酒店行业的国际管理者理解在跨文化管理中成功的标准指导。本篇英国教育学论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  In the current era, globalization has turned out to be reality. Advancements across technology and information and liberalization in innovation and trade have ended up increasing the speed and ease with which businesses are successful in management of international operation. Because of globalization, a number of organizations have started to operate across more than one nation further enhancing the scope of multicultural organizations where employees from diversified culture operate in the same setting (Zhou, 2010). It is real that businesses consider these as lucrative and attractive expansion but management and operation of global business is considerably difficult than the management of local company. International business is influenced by various factors such as different political, lawful, cultural, economic and social environments (Thomas and Peterson, 2014). International business also has proneness with risks such as cross-cultural risks, currency risk and political resource. There is a requirement of human resources for performing across every operational level in global or domestic business units. In these types of circumstances, there are inevitable risks in context with cross-cultural discrepancies (Tangirala, 2010). The main focus of this research is on identifying the key issues and challenges faced in international business in cross cultural management.

  In this research, the key focus is to investigate and identify various issues and challenges faced by international management in cross-cultural management of diverse work force in the hospitality industry. Further suggestions will be provided for managers of the hospitality industry to deal with these challenges and issues. The content of this research is significant such that it will assist international managers in the hospitality industry to understand standard guidance to be successful in cross-cultural management. The research focuses on diverse workforce because cross-cultural management arises out of increased diversity in the workforce as per different cultures and nationalities.