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  本篇英国酒店管理论文代写-推拉动机讲了推动动机可以概括为触发特定动机阶段的内在动机因素。拉动机是受外部因素的影响,外部因素影响人的行为和决策。在现实生活中,大多数激励情境都是拉动机和推动机的结合。就像饥饿会通过降低葡萄糖水平产生内在的推动作用,而食欲会产生外在的推动作用。行为科学是拉力法和推力法的复杂结合,作者在慈善体育活动中也运用了同样的方法来描述第一次参加和重复参加的动机。预期经济也在事件成功中起了一定作用。本篇英国酒店管理论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The push motive can be generalized as the internal motivational factor which triggers specific motive stage. The pull motive is influence by the external factors which influence the behaviour and decision of the person. Most of the motivational situation in practical life is combination of pull and push motives. Like being hungry has internal push by lowering of glucose level and external pulling by desire to eat. Behaviour science is complex blend of both pull and push technique and same is used in the charity sports event by the author to describe the motivation of first time attended and repeated attended. The expectation economy has also a part to play in events success (Ptterson, 2010).

  Push and pull model both helps in attaining he desired need of outcome. Form research point of view to evaluate and outcome the push and pull motive being taken in account as mean factor. The constrain item are taken from highest to lowest to evaluate the same.

  Behaviour intention and recreational demand are two main factors of the consideration for push and pull framework (Wood, 2014). The authors in their research paper argued that the charity sports events are the charity sports event are the main destination of business for the local market (Lyu, 2012). The earlier research by scholars has been taken as the base which argues that the tourist behaviour more of depends upon the length of stay and group composition. The first time and the repeated visitors have different choices in context of motives. As the repeated visitors are attaching more motivation with the cause and sports in compare to the first time visitors. The first time visitors are making there experience on what is happening and in the phase of experience making phase while repeated visitors have already previous experience and are in more motivational phase for the sport.