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英国酒店管理学论文代写 :幸福评价性概念组成



英国酒店管理学论文代写 :幸福评价性概念组成

Evaluative conception of happiness: In this concept, it refers to happiness being something that is directly proportional to having a good life. This concept includes:
Wellbeing conception: this means that happiness is when one has a flourishing life, a wellbeing life, where everything you do goes down well .
Worth having conception: referring to happiness as an achievement. When one thinks that he or she has something that is desirable by others, they gain happiness .
Well-doing conception: Here it is believed that even if a person is ordinary or cultured, the ultimate goal of each is to be happy, and this state of being happy is usually associated with doing well in life in all ways.

英国酒店管理学论文代写 :幸福评价性概念组成

The three components of evaluative theory should apply to all the people of the world like what Socrates had mentioned. But then again, there are always exceptions to all kind of cases. Therefore, the question remains, which conception explains more about happiness and is worth the discussion?
From my point of view, both the theories are inter-related and together try to prove the existence and source of happiness. Both theories have taken a stand as to what happiness is. Theories talk about the sources of happiness and the different activities that would create happiness. The theories have equal importance when it comes to such discussions. Happiness is a concept and is associated with human beings. Different activities are undertaken by human beings so that they can be happy”. Thus, to conclude, it can be said that both the theories are important and are required equally.