Assignment First





Travel industry is one of the largest industries across the world. In many countries it is the primary source of foreign exchange and many economies depend on inbound travel for funding their country’s infrastructure growth. The travel industry is also connected to the airline industry which forms a critical linkage between the destinations and bridging the distant travel demands by making it shorter. This shows the dependability of destinations on the travel infrastructure of a country or a city. Other modes of travel are by road and sea, which may or may not be possible for far off countries or those who do not have any road connection at all. If all requirements are in place, it is the primary job of the travel company to facilitate a streamline flow of passengers from their home destinations to their desired travel destinations and back. This is as simple as it is difficult to manage, because of the inherent and intangible nodes in the entire process of carrying the passengers to the destination and back in a safe and secure manner. The entire success of a travel companythen rests on a successful management of the process of the travel journey and manages a multi-cultural workforce as well as passengers and giving them the best service.

This is a dissertation that will focus on the entire process of setting up a travel company how it is to be managed in a way which enhances their progress, how to blend the marketing of products which suits the guests requirements, how to manage the human resource division as an international travel company would have a varied work force from many countries. Finally the research will also compare a travel company with the similar companies in the UK and China and their mode of operation.