Assignment First




All these stakeholders are directly or indirectly related to an organization and it is the responsibility of Murray Manufacturing from this perspective to take care of all its stakeholders. The viewpoint of all the primary stakeholders will always be to their benefit until corporate social responsibility in an organization is applicable. Patricia is also one of the primary stakeholders in the company.

Patricia’s decision keeps the team of Telecommunications presently working under Roger (manager). These employees will be downsized and the profit achieved by giving their task to another through outsourcing will leave these employees along with the manager unemployed. Such a scenario will also make other employees and managers in the organization to feel that the top management’s decision was not to the welfare of the employees but for their own individual benefits causing them to resist the offer and cause in turn conflict. There can be several consequences of Patricia’s decision (employee downsizing) being implemented in the company as evident in the case.

First consequence (negative) will be evident on departing employees as they will face extreme financial problems. The experience of downsizing makes the employees to lose their finances, status and a working environment as well often making them feel disoriented from the community. The consequence secondly, will be on the health of these employees made to depart from the company. Mental and physical well-being of these departing employees will be deteriorated. It is obvious that when an employee is removed from a company without any reason then there is nothing good to argue on such an act. According to the argument of utilitarianism, obtaining the maximum happiness for most of the people is important. The base to decide on moral actions requires intuitive perception. Here, Patricia needs to look at the decision being made and required from the perspective of ethical perception. Focus needs to be laid on the total of happiness resulting from made decisions or acts. Therefore, the employees terminated will receive more pain instead of a kind of pleasure when they get terminated. Roger will have a difficult time facing the employees who are to be terminated from the company. If there is any justification morally to this act then it must be in the enhanced total of happiness that comes from larger people. The consequences of the decision made by Patricia will therefore be taking negatively by all the employees who will be asked to depart.