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对经验的开放:开放通常是指在生活中体验新的机会。通常对经验持开放态度的人通常更有创造力。以维克拉姆·维吉为例,在1992年他第一次来到加拿大,开始在温哥华基奇拉诺海滩主教餐厅工作时,他对体验的开放性非常高(CBC News, 2016)。他在不同的厨师手下工作,从而发现了自己,并在同一个城市开了自己的餐馆。

英国论文抄袭后果 :人格特征的特点


在Vikram Vij的案例中,外向性的人格特质也非常高,因为Vikram Vij最近被提名为2016年度NAIT的chef In -residence (Edmonton Journal, 2016)。Vikram Vij对改善加拿大烹饪环境的贡献是巨大的,因为Vikram Vij在将印度烹饪技术融入NAIT酒店与烹饪艺术学院的学生中发挥了重要作用。

英国论文抄袭后果 :人格特征的特点

Openness to experience: Openness is generally referred to experience new opportunities in life. People who generally possess openness to experience are generally more creative in nature. In the case of Vikram Vij, the personality of openness to experience was very high during the days in 1992, when he first came to Canada and started to work at one of the Bishop’s restaurants in Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver (CBC News, 2016). He discovered himself by working under different chefs and went on to open his own restaurants in the same city.

英国论文抄袭后果 :人格特征的特点

Extraversion: The personality trait of Extraversion is often termed as the creation of activities with the help of external forces such as people and organizations. People falling under this personality trait are much more vocal, enjoy interacting with different kinds of people and are always ready to help another people.
In the case of Vikram Vij, the personality trait of extraversion is also very high as Vikram Vij was recently named NAIT’s chef-in-residence for the year 2016 (Edmonton Journal, 2016). The contribution of Vikram Vij towards the improvement of the culinary environment of Canada was immense as Vikram Vij played an important role in incorporating the Indian cooking skills to the students of NAIT’s School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts.