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英国论文重复率 :社会福利中心

Social welfare center provides the framework to promote physical and material welfare for people. Primary objectives of these welfare centers are to ensure that they provide quality care and maintain high standards of providing services to people. Volunteers and workers of this social welfare center need to have empathy and real time working knowledge of the dynamic situation. I did volunteering work in Nanhai Social Welfare Centre. Reflective analysis for the work conducted in Nanhai Social Welfare Centre has been done in this essay. From working in this center, real time experience and issues that social workers encounter have been understood. Subsequent to gaining this knowledge, certain insights were gathered.
Critical analyses of the organization, setting SMART goals for the company, and how this exercise has helped me have been analyzed in this essay. These factors have been documented in the following part.
This causes angsts in the population. Owing to this, even though some positive effects are seen in the organizations, there is a need to be more accountable and show transparency. This would probably increase the morale of employee if they can see the visible tangible effect they have had on people.
From critical analysis and working in the organization, it can be said that they have a number of positive effects on the society. Working as a volunteer, a person can sense the dedication levels and also assess the demoralizing effects. There is a need to maintain the current level of employees and bring in more residents. This can be achieved if the organizations included a more transparent approach.
Nanhai Social Welfare Centre is one of the most service-oriented organizations dedicated to serve the people. They are really dedicated in their efforts. This has made them provide quality service to the residents. There can be more transparency and employee recognition to keep employees motivated. This would also prevent employee turnover in the future. SMART goals for the same have been discussed in detail. This is a holistic observation that was made about the organization. From a personal standpoint, it has made me gain life skills and professional skills. It has made me a better person, enabled me to learn empathy, understand human emotions and importance of serving others. This process of volunteering leadership skills made me understand people management, team management and meeting deadlines.