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组织结构在很多方面影响着公司的日常运营。有几个结构方面是有帮助的,但大多数是有威胁的。这些师的人数实际上相当多,造成了行动的失调。当需要按照区域影响进行操作时,每个区域的所有部门也都进行了类似的操作(Daft and Lane, 2012)。

英国论文代写被发现 :公司组织结构的问题



区域店主管和门店主管因组织结构复杂,职责复杂。商店经理对经营活动有限制。关于肉类和商品的知识较少,而且区域主管关心的是商店的清洁和他们的经营标准(Daft and Lane, 2012)。



英国论文代写被发现 :公司组织结构的问题

The structure of the organization influenced the company daily operations in many ways. There were several structure aspects which helped but most was threatening. The divisions were actually considerably large in number causing the operations to be misaligned. Also all the divisions in every region followed similar operations when there was a need to follow operations as per the regional influences (Daft and Lane, 2012).

英国论文代写被发现 :公司组织结构的问题

The key benefit of such a structure was that the company had maintained operational standards. Issues included the following:
Stores were slow to adapt towards the changes.
Supervisor of the district store and the stores had complicated roles due to the structure. Store managers had limitation to the activities of operations. There was less knowledge over meat and merchandize and also the concern of the district supervisor was on the cleanliness of the stores and their standards of operation (Daft and Lane, 2012).
Any type of cooperation was not present and there was no morale.
Growth as well as development in the long term required long term strategy re-evaluation.