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  本篇英国论文代写-电影影评案例讲了这篇文章认为,莫比乌斯在弗雷德·威尔科克斯1956年的电影《禁忌星球》中扮演的角色实际上代表了奥本海默。奥本海默是美国的理论物理学家,被称为原子弹发明者或父亲。这篇文章探讨了最罕见的小说电影之一,即使是那些通常不喜欢这种类型的观众也很欣赏它。这部电影原本是为年轻观众准备的,但却被科幻小说的真实想法所吸引,并以开创性的电子乐配乐为卖点,给人一种意想不到的感觉。本篇英国论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The article argued that Morbius’s character in the film, Forbidden Planet, 1956 by Fred Wilcox actually represents Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist of America who has been referred to as atomic bomb inventor or father. This article explored one of the rarest movies of fiction that have been admired even through audiences who generally do not like this genre. Originally, though it was intended for young viewers, the movie was drawn over real ideas of science fiction and boasts a music score of ground-breaking electronics, providing it with a substance of unexpectedness. As a matter of fact, the key storyline has its dependence over The Tempest by Shakespeare, but it is a freer adaptation in the similar manner that Clueless, (2005) was modelled loosely over Emma by Jane Austen. The article then proceeds to discuss the premise on Forbidden Planet serving the key basis for science fiction films and TV shows in the wake of 21st century such as the series on television, named Star Trek. The opening scene of the film is described in order to explore the approach utilized. The approach was of Cruiser C-57D racing in the direction of Altira IV, a strange history-based planet. This seemed as a ship for exploration. Later on, it is known that the ship must have come here from some other time. The crew of cruiser discovers that previous expedition left behind only 2 individuals. The article then moves on to explain how this film was initially perceived. It was conceived initially as a unique and cheap film. The film producer came up with the thought of something known as Fatal Plant which was considered as a potential project for one of the studios for B-movies. Rather than pitching the film at MGM high rollers, a process needed for the actors to act on the story. This was inclusive of an invisible monster impersonation so that more audiences can be attracted and higher advantage to investors can be given. All the aspects and positioning of characters in the film provoked a sense of reality that aroused various perspectives over the film processes. For example, Robby was a hit in the movie The invisible Boy(1957), who was used again and again but suddenly vanished from screen’s until a cameo came into being, The Gremlins (1984). In these movies some dialogues have been repeated from the movie, The Forbidden Planet. Such acts presented in the movie made it a subject of critique for most scholars and researchers, as they researched across several perspectives depicted within the film as illustrated in the article.