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  本篇英国论文代写价格-澳航和社会问题讲了其他类似澳航的大公司也开始在同性婚姻等社会问题上发声。首席执行官们支持他们在此类社会问题上的主张。星巴克(Starbucks)首席执行官霍华德•舒尔茨(Howard Schultz)肯定自己支持同性婚姻的观点就是一个例子。同样,Chick-fil-A的CEO Dan Cathy被观察到就传统婚姻发表的言论引发了争议。本篇英国论文代写价格文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Big Corporations take the lead on Social Issues

  Other big corporations similar to Qantas have started speaking up on social issues like same sex marriage. CEO’s have supported their claims on such social issues. The viewpoint of the Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz who affirmed his support for same-sex marriage is an example. Similarly, the CEO of Chick-fil-A Dan Cathy was observed to have made statements on traditional marriage that created a controversy (Freaks, 2015). When Qantas does not speak up on issues that other corporations are setting a leadership in, they would risk missing out on reputation building. The unpredictability observed in some political situations does add to the strife on whether corporations and big brands should speak publicly on political issues. For instance, the situation in the United States where the Presidential tweets is raising many controversies has given more the reason for CEOs to voice their concerns. In this situation, the CEOs of corporations are caught in a situation where they worry whether their speaking out might be met negatively by their users. On the other hand, not speaking out about some controversies will also put them in negative publicity. As a Harvard review on CEOs and social issues points out, staying quiet is no longer an option for them. The stakeholder groups pressurize them into speaking up about controversial issues. For instance, around 46 percent of executive’s stakeholders from different medium to large companies expected their organizations to speak out on issues of climate change, gun control, immigration and LGBT rights. In 2014, another similar stakeholder group has opined that they wanted their CEOs to take a strong stance on political issues (Gaines-Ross, 2017). Stakeholder groups favoured their companies to take a stronger stance, but consumers who supported this notion were relatively lesser. With big corporations taking the lead on social issues, it automatically follows that Qantas will have to do the same. It is a global leader and hence has the set the bar for other companies.