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  本篇英国论文代写价格-企业社会责任活动讲了企业社会责任项目是多维的、综合性的,主要包括治理、社会和环境三个方面。与企业社会责任相关的倡议被吸收在每个类别中。下面提供的措施包括纳入CSR数据集的CSP测量,用于MSCI公司提供的研究。这篇英国论文代写价格文章由英国第一论文assignment first辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  A CSR program, which is multidimensional and comprehensive, is comprised of mainly three categories: governance, social, and environmental. The initiatives related to the CSR are imbibed within each category. The initiatives provided underneath have the incorporation of CSR dataset’s CSP measurement that is in use for the provided study by MSCI Inc.


  The programs of sustainability are effective and inclusive of clean energy, recycling, prevention of pollution, and sustainable products. There is only a single principle, based on which, sustainable efforts are made in maximizing sustainability and minimizing the footprints of environment in relation to the operations of a corporation (Hartley, 2011). The Cisco Systems is an example of CSR related to sustainable environment, named as “Cleaner Air and Millions in Savings.” The designing of the headquarters of Cisco is done by them, which is located in San Jose, CA, in exceeding Title 24 energy standards of California by 15 to 20 percent. This has been done by Cisco with investments in computerized temperature controls, motion detector lights, and energy-efficient lighting (Shamir, 2011). The result has been that the company started in saving sufficient energy that is equivalent in powering 5,500 homes in a year with minimization of their environmental footprint. There is reduction in the operating cost of Cisco and also benefited from the environment that has been done by lesser carbon dioxide to the tune of 50 million pounds in a year and lesser nitrogen oxide to the tune of 14,300 fewer pounds in a year. There has been criticism related to this program on the ground that it is a program of cost reduction, rather than a CSR program. On the basis of the CSR definition provided in this paper, the program carried out by Cisco exceeded the laws related to the environment, and therefore there is enough justification for the program to be classified as CSR.