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  本篇英国论文代写价格-社交媒体对酒店业的重要性讲了由于客户之间社交网络的使用越来越多,社交网站的影响也越来越大,现在酒店行业的企业开始拥抱社交媒体已经成为当务之急。根据凯悦酒店总经理的说法,GMs(总经理)必须更加关注社交媒体的在线反馈,而不是酒店的入住率和不同房间的价格(He et al., 2013)。现在,大多数的大型酒店都有一个专门的团队,他们专注于在一致的基础上监控社会评论,并确保对客户的所有问题都能得到及时的回应。本篇英国论文代写价格文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Significance of Social Media to Hotel Industry

  Due to the increased use of social networking among customers and the social sites influences, it has now become an imperative for hospitality industry businesses to start embracing the social media medium. According to Hyatt Regency, managing director, GMs (General Managers) have to be more concerned on checking social media online feedback instead of hotels occupancy and rates of their different rooms (He et al., 2013). Now, most major hotels consist of a dedicate team which indulges in monitoring social comments over consistent basis and makes sure that to all the issues of the customers, a prompt response has been given.

  According to Keswani (2012), an individual has the ability of doing essential damage to a brand simply through web based posts. 30 to 40 comments come from the end of customers each day and it is essential for the managers to respond to each of these comments, because sites for rating has essentially become routes towards making booking of hotels (Hudson et al., 2013). The following is Figure 1 that outlines the way in which conversations over social media have become essential to maintain hotel’s brand image. The image also outlines the way in which negligence over this front can prove to be devastating for a reputation of any hotel within the hospitality sector.

  Considering the inescapable requirement of investing resources and time into online reputation management, leaders within businesses might question over whether social media is a centre for cost or not (Hudson et al., 2013). The answer to this is no more negative, but a positive one as far as the channels of social media are utilized in a creative manner for lower cost, higher influence markets and service based initiatives. Such initiatives in turn can increase in a dramatic manner the engagement of customers with their brand, enhance satisfaction of customers and improvise their rates of retention at the customers end.