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在行政一级,人们认为这与土地征用问题有关。这些土地在二十世纪初的很晚的时候才具有重要的意义。但就整体而言,毛利人在这些组织中的作用已大大增加。所有行政结构背后的原则是,即使毛利人社会有很大的差别,他们从未对他们的土地和财产失去希望。(病房et al ., 2013)。在拥有土地的当地人和没有土地的人之间仍然存在着很大的差异。政府已经并仍然在努力确保这些土地的安全,并向毛利人社区说明他们对这些土地的利益。

行政部门中有更多的单位直接参与与关心合法拥有毛利人土地的人的合作。这些单位最初开始作为家族企业在东印度公司在19世纪初。自5年以来,它们一直作为更有效利用社区土地的手段而存在于立法法案之下(Edwards et al., 2013)。由于允许从毛利人社区筹集的资金中借用这些土地,因此与这些土地有关的经济发展恰巧受到鼓励。

英国论文代写价格 :土地征用面临的问题

At one level of the administration, it was seen to be connected with the problem of the land acquisition. The lands happened to be of high significance in the twentieth century very late to their inception. But as a whole, the role of the Maori people in the organisations has increased drastically. The principle is behind all the structures of administration is that, even if there was a huge differentiation in the Maori society, they never lost hope from their lands and properties. (Ward et al.,2013). There still exist a lot of differences among the local people who own a land and the other ones who do not have one. The government has and still continues to take an attempt to make the lands secured and give the Maori community a definition to the interest that they have for the lands.
There are more units in the administration that involve the cooperation directly on the people who are concerned with owning the Maori lands legally. These units initially started as the family enterprises in the East India Company during the beginning of the nineteenth century. Since half a decade, they have stayed under the legislative acts as the means for more effective use of the community land (Edwards et al., 2013). As these lands are allowed to be borrowed from the funds raised by the Maori communities, the economic development concerned with them happens to be encouraged.