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  本篇英国论文代写哪家好-布洛芬的化学成分讲了布洛芬通常通过口服途径给药。不建议用于有心脏病的人、哺乳期的母亲或怀孕期间。这些都是应该在急性疼痛期间使用的有效药物(Rahme和Nedjar, 2007)。过量服用会导致恶心、昏迷、呕吐或血液阻塞。它有能力造成无数的积极和消极的影响的身体。本节将详细讨论布洛芬的化学成分。本篇英国论文代写哪家好文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  About Ibuprofen

  Ibuprofen drugs are usually administered through the oral route. It is not suggested for usage for people with heart condition, nursing mothers or during pregnancy. These are potent drugs that should be used during acute pain (Rahme and Nedjar, 2007).. Overdosing of the drug can lead to nausea, coma, vomiting or choking up blood. It has the ability to cause numerous positive and negative impact of the body. Chemical composition of Ibuprofen is discussed in detail in this section (Cheng et al., 1994)

  Ibuprofen stands for 2-(4-Isobutylphenyl) propanoic acid. Molecular formula for the product stands for Molecular Formula C13H18O2 (Autret-Leca, 2003). The average mass of the formula is 206.281 Da. The Monoisotopic mass of the compound is 206.130676 Da. The overall structure of the product is shown below

  Figure (Shankland et all 1998)

  This drug functions as COX inhibitors. Owing to this it stops the pain producing hormones in the body Autret-Leca, 2003). They inhibit the anti inflammatory function of the COX enzymes. This leads to immediate relief from the pain. The mechanism of action of ibuprofen is explained in detail in the following.