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英国论文代写 :PESTEL分析对弗雷明汉葡萄酒影响的因素


社会方面:不同的国家有不同的社会方面,这些方面起着不同的作用,比如文化、人口、品味、购物地点的趋势和模式。这些因素对组织的销售和盈利能力产生了巨大的影响,弗雷明汉葡萄酒公司需要分析这些因素,以提高其业绩和销售,以获得更好的增长前景(Singh, et. al., 2016)。

英国论文代写 :PESTEL分析对弗雷明汉葡萄酒影响的因素

PESTEL analysis is a tool which is used for the purpose of tracking the environment business is operating in. PESTEL analysis is a sum of the various factors which include Political, Economic, Social, and Technological, Environmental and legal factors and their impacts over the performance of the Framingham Wines. These factors play a vital for every business as these factors directly affect the business and helps in dealing with the changing aspects of the business environment.Impacts of these factors of PESTEL analysis over Framingham Wines are discussedbelow:
Political:These factors of the PESTEL analysis include the impact of the government of the country over the industry in which the company exists and over the performance of the company. Framingham Wines is a wine company which need to comply with the rules and regulations framed by the government related to the operations of the industry in which it exists.Adverse changes in the policies and rules and regulations by the government can create negative impact over the functioning of Framingham Wines.Framingham Wines can get affected by these factors such as change in the rates of taxes or change in the ruling government.

英国论文代写 :PESTEL分析对弗雷明汉葡萄酒影响的因素

Economic:these factors include the economic aspects which create impact over the operations of the company due to the change in the economic conditions. Different countries have different economic conditions which create impact over the performance of the company on long term basis. Economic conditions create impact over the purchasing power or the spending pattern of the people. Framingham Wines can get affected due to these economic factors such as inflation rates, exchange rates, foreign direct investments and rates of interest.
Social:different countries have different social aspects which act as a difference such as cultures, demographics, taste, trends of the place and pattern of purchasing. These factors create huge impact over the sales and profitability of the organisation as Framingham Winesneed to analyse these factors so as to enhance its performance and sales for better growth prospects (Singh, et. al., 2016).