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英国论文代写 :皮埃尔·布尔兹的乐章构成

This piece of work is by French composer Pierre Boulez. It uses poetry and six instruments to catch the attention of audiences. The musician was a composer of modernist works and used six movements which lacked settings. The first three movements were Artisanat furieux while the other three movements were Bourreaux de solitude. With the additional use of flute and viola with vibraphone and guitar, Pierre made relatively less alternations in the same musical composition. Moreover, playing techniques and notation remained the same in other musical movements. The musician did a remarkable work to present such extensive use of instruments and poetry. Boulez followed a progressive approach and made sure that his work became famous and influential in the future. Thus, he consciously made revisions without caring audiences and the critic’s opinion. The music had nine movements with four movements forming part of three poems. These movements were bundled into three groups by Boulez for presentation purpose. The first group comprised of I, III, and VII, while the second had II, IV, VI, and VIII movements and the third group comprising of V and IX movements. The musician was always eager and desperate to express and explain his own composition through the use of instrumental passage. The work was different in terms of presentation and trend, as he believed in strict controlled temper. Moreover, Pierre was not afraid to use small individual elements in his piece of work within the overall structure for providing compatibility. The musician changed individual notes which were inaudible to audiences for differentiation. Pierre was not afraid to use non-western musical instruments even though he was from western musical background. The other key notable point of his musical style was the use of different instruments, which had no relationships with any specific musical category. The vocal movements were subset of different vocal instruments and comprised of leaps and bounds pitch for communication of musical tones. He used various compositions in his musical piece in contrast two or three compositions.