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英国论文代写 :泰国的文化和经济风险分析


罗马尼亚的商业环境较弱,由于繁文缛节和对商业的混合监管,使公司很难真正稳定市场(Li, 2009)。它仍然是一个发展中国家,社会富裕,但在力量和意愿方面却很弱,不愿迅速转向新的生活方式和生活方式。该国拥有生产设施和廉价劳动力,这在与欧盟的合并中仍是一个优势。

英国论文代写 :泰国的文化和经济风险分析

Thailand has a good culture, Asians as such are flexible and more willing to change than others. This is a benefit for Sukin face care. The country’s population is hooked on to social media, a benefit for the company. The culture is thriving, vibrant, and flexible, inferring a good opportunity for Sukin.
Romania has seen continuous discrimination for a long time against the minority ethnic class . It has a good number of middle aged and young population, and less of aged population, above 60. This is a benefit for the company.

英国论文代写 :泰国的文化和经济风险分析

Thailand is a developing country and is seeking more investments for its own infrastructure and to make available international products at affordable rates to its consumers . Its skin care industry in particular is not attractive as it rose about 7% in 2014, indicating both the scope for new entrants and limitations of the industry growth for certain time. In addition, Thailand has an aging population and less number of youth and middle aged population, inferring that for a skin care company, it may be a challenge to convince the aged to use beauty creams.
Romania has a weak business environment, due to red-tape and mixed regulations implemented for business, making it difficult to really stabilize a company against the market (Li, 2009). It remains a developing country, and is socially rich but economically weak in its strength and willingness to make a quick shift to new ways of life and living. The country has production facilities and cheap labor which remains an advantage along with its amalgamation with the EU.