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  本篇英国论文代写推荐-创新管理与预测讲了组织需要创新才能成功地生存。在这种情况下,组织的管理结构必须支持创新尝试。然而,在创新和创造力方面可能会有一些挑战。组织的结构、组织的人力资源等可以作为挑战(Rezaee, et al, 2014)。结构变量将对组织的创造力产生影响。结构可以是培养结构,也可以是机械结构,其中人员和流程会更加严格。在这种情况下,有必要了解组织是如何影响创造力的。本篇英国论文代写推荐文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Google also has introduced newer technologies for the company which helps the company to manage innovation better. The Google Moderator is an innovation management tool. This tool is made use of for people who want to hold high end talks in the company on ideas they have or when they want to vote up some ideas or questions. Since the Google moderator is actually spread out across for all people to use, from employees to managers can make use of the tool to view innovative ideas and project. Much transparency is created this way. The Google moderator is by itself one of the 20 percent projects of the company. This shows that the company is bent on improving creativity and innovation for the firm.

  2. Organizational Structure of the firm -Implications on creativity and innovation

  Organizations need to innovate in order to survive successfully. In this context, it is necessary for the management of the organization to be structured such that the innovation attempt is supported. However, there could be some challenges when it comes to innovation and creativity. The structure of the organization, the human resources of the organization and more could act as challenges (Rezaee, et al, 2014). The structural variables will have an impact on the creativity of the organization. The structure could either be a nurturing structure or could be a mechanical structure where people and processes would be more rigid. In this context, it is necessary to understand how organizations can have an impact on the creativity. Usually mechanical structure of organizations is more rigid, such an organization might have been created purely for the purpose to just be run to meet a desired function, and they are not intended for creativity or innovation. On the other hand, there are organic structures in organizations which are seen to be more focused on the issues of variability within the organization (Rezaee, et al., 2014). While this is a more non-hierarchy structure this will have an impact on the creativity in a positive way. Extensive communication is possible only in organic structures. The flat structure of an organization is a more organic structure as communication would be possible, also the arrangement of divisions and structures are such that they are quite variable in effect compared to the hierarchy based structures such as the divisional ones and more (Rezaee, et al, 2014). A compromise between stability and organizational innovation might exist, especially if innovation attempts are being supported on a large scale. In discussing how an organization structure can influence the creativity of the organization, researchers point out some key factors such as that of information management, information communication, knowledge of job conflicts and more within the organization. These were stated to be present in the case of the flat structure.