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There are many other concerns in regard of Logisticians must continuously search for different ways to acquire materials and operate factories efficiently while satisfying customers and carrying as little inventory as possible. A most part of the inventory is kept with in Warehouses or Distribution Centres. These warehouses are established place to place so that customer demands can be fulfilled soon. It also reduces the transportation cost and finally the product delivery cost is reduced. Therefore the cost of shipping reduces when you ship the products to the small distribution centres and to retailers. Due to this there is no need to make the shipments for the small orders with expensive cost. Customers order can be served more quickly with lower prices. For example Wal-Mart have its retail centres in all over the world so the purchasing cost is low because of its strong logistics distribution channel throughout the world.
Companies or firm or logisticians can select any of the available options for the logistics such as renting space, leasing in public warehouse, any building and in company’s own private warehouses. If the company have its own private warehouse or Distribution centres it attracts to the retailers or customers highly because the product filling is fast and there is no need to pay the rent or lease money. This money can be used for transportation cost and helps to reduce the money and any facilities can be used as per the requirement. Other leasing plan or leasing distribution centres are used when the selling is seasonal and they will not be able to use the full facilities for the same and have to pay the rent unnecessarily. It is also important to finalize the number of personal, public or leasing warehouses or distribution centres in the particular area to reduce the transportation cost for the customers and can serve the customers at lowest price.
The another important part is material handling system which is widely used to configure the commodities in the warehouses or distributions centres to make easier the logistics activities between manufactures, retailers, suppliers and also customers. To identify or store the inventory this methods is most useful. This system is designed to handle the some particular amount of goods of various sizes or dimensions and also different weights.
Logistics is considered as the protective packaging of the products of any Que Corporation or firms. The products must be packaged so strong that it should not damage in any kind of situation but this packaging cost should be so economical that it should not increase the cost of goods at last. The design on the packet will affect it significantly during material handling system. This is because the dimension, weight and availability of the space will be configured according to the packaging. It will influence the material handling system.
For determining the production schedule, firm designs the logistics system in such a way so that the materials management can determine the products produced the required quantity to be produces and how much time it will take to produce the products. Any such kind of requirement which is needed to fulfil the customer requirement according to the production schedule for procurement of raw materials, components, parts and supplies.
The manufacturing or production centre, quantities to be deliver as ordered by the customers, and delivery time all needs to have proper transportation, inventory stock, production schedule and finally it comes to the customer satisfaction.