Assignment First

  本篇英国论文代写-员工的招聘和入职讲了公司的主要目的是为司机提供舒适的环境。由于公司开发的产品,他们开车时应该感到舒适。公司正计划扩大业务,以满足当前时代的要求。所有被录用的员工和候选人都应该对公司的主要目标有基本的了解。本篇英国论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Recruitment and induction of the employee

  The primary purpose of the company is to provide comfort for the drivers. They should have comfort while driving owing to the products developed by the company. The company is planning to expand operations to meet the requirements of the current times. All the employees who are hired and the candidates in contention should have the basic knowledge about the primary objective of the company.

  Georgia and the HR department should first attract newer talent. Once the talent pool has been established, there is need to have a system in place to check for the initial technical requirements of the employees. This should be a fair unbiased model where all the stakeholders are made aware of what is required for jobs. This process should be a transparent process and clear communication that should be encouraged between the stakeholders for recruitment of the candidates for the job.

  More communication should be encouraged. This should be a transparent model and all the people should understand the ways in which they can clearly articulate their views.

  The recruitment specialist in the team should work with the HR department of the company to analyse the working arrangement that would best suit the needs of the company. They should analyse the jobs and the technical expertise that is needed in the ideal candidate that is required for the job. They should be clear lucid explanation about the details associated with the job. Skill sets and the performance indices for the jobs should be clearly understood by the interviewer. They should then advertise the position in the different portals and gain understanding of the talent pool that is available in the markets. This acts as a reality check and will enable the interviewer to gain perspective of the market place expectations. Georgia will understand the current market that is found. From the applicants there should be comparisons with the requirement. The skill of identifying potential resumes should be developed by Georgia. The recruitment specialist needs to talk with the individual managers to understand the potential of the applicants. Then the number of interviewer that is needed should be discussed.

  Apart from the technical requirement the applicants should also suit the organizational culture of the company (Kandula, 2013). Even though the company is a diversity employer they need to assess if the candidate will work according to the primary ideology of the company. The technical interview process is an integral aspect for the job. But there should be analysis of the situational training process. The employees who are selected should be aware of the organizational goals. There should be analysis undertaken by the interviewer to determine the competency of the employee in this situational context. There should be basic highlighting of what is required to sustain in this office environment (Kandula, 2013).