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研究设计将要求每个领域、部门和相关人员都参与到研究中,以便更准确地概述游戏(Pawar, 2004)。任何提案和研究论文的成功都在很大程度上依赖于从不同来源获取的信息的安全,这将允许用户获得与主题相关的最佳视角。这只能通过分配相关的利益相关者数量来实现,他们将提供与主题相关的更清晰的视角,并提供可用于改进游戏的重要见解和建议。

英国论文格式 :游戏研究设计与方法



英国论文格式 :游戏研究设计与方法

The research design would require for each of these areas, departments and concerned people to be involved in the research so as to deliver a more accurate overview of the game (Pawar, 2004). The success of any proposal and research paper is heavily dependent on securing information from different sources which would allow the user secure the best perspectives linked to the topic. This can only be achieved by distributing the number of involved stake holders who will deliver a clearer perspective linked to the topic and offer important insights and suggestions which can be used to improve the game.

英国论文格式 :游戏研究设计与方法

Another important source of information related to the research proposal would be the information and quality management department which is responsible for approving the safety usability of games. This has been an aspect that many games have over looked but they are still legally expected to have a survey and certification approved by the department. The health and safety department would be able to provide the health and safety aspects associated to the game which would deliver a better insight linked to how the game could be improve in the future. Medical concerns associated to the game must also be taken into consideration since several health concerns are associated to games. These require being identified and discussed so as to deliver a research proposal that covers the majority of areas on the business.

Information would also be gathers from the local child welfare department which would also provide considerable amounts of important data related to the topic. Games have been identified to cause serious social concerns among the younger generations in which cases they are managed by the child welfare departments and help groups. With cases differing in nature and being received from different parts of the city and nation, these departments would prove to be a treasure trove of important information which can be used on the deterring important management factors associated to the game. The information and statistics is very important towards the proper management of the game since it will allow the Pokémon Developers understand positive as well as negative aspects linked to the game which can be used to improve it in the future.