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東道國從這一行動中獲益匪淺。它有利於當地公司和當地社區(Coria, & Calfucura, 2012)。他們確保遵守特別措施,以保護環境,使用可生物降解的產品,以確保東道國不受這一旅遊過程的影響。在旅遊區的案例中,最常見的抱怨是遊客如何欺騙了當地原有的文化價值。在這種情況下,該公司是一家家族經營的小企業,他們努力保持原有的文化,並以向遊客展示自己的文化為榮(Moonrakers, 2016)。由於它們屬於該地區,可以很容易地觀察到,它們在帶來收入方面使東道國受益,同時也保存了該地區的當地文化。


作為其他公司的基準。在6月至9月的淡季期間,本公司聘請當地研究人員,以確保最佳的環保方式。公司在這一過程中采取了一些創新的方法。2013年,業主按照最佳實踐進行研究,並參與了區域的修復工作。除此之外,從上世紀90年代開始,他們就設法維持了該地區的收入。這表明該公司具備生存的所有強制性先決條件,並向其他公司展示了員工漂浮和環保的方法(Moonrakers, 2016)。


維持生態平衡和海域。為了達到這個目的,企業有專門的站點,允許人們簡單地查看該地區和豐富的環境。該公司采取了許多措施來保護該地區,他們稱這些保護區為“補丁”。他們采取了一些措施來保護當地的植被(Moonrakers, 2016)。

2012年,該公司積極參與清除破壞該地區自然植被的水生害蟲。在2012-2013年,他們參與了海洋害蟲的清除和該地區的恢復(Moonrakers, 2016)。他們努力保護環境。




和其他旅遊公司一樣,這家公司也面臨著該地區經濟問題的沖擊。他們被發現依賴於季節性遊客。該地區的淡季在7月到9月之間(Ivanov & Ivanova, 2013)。這個地區的工資相當低。在某些季節,遊客大量湧入,在這段時間很難維持幾個月的資源和雇傭兼職員工。所有這些都會影響公司的經濟效益。在某些時期的資源管理中存在著一個普遍的問題。

英國論文 :公司開發旅遊景區時的策略

Host country is benefitted immensely by this operation. It benefits local companies and the local communities (Coria, & Calfucura, 2012). They ensure that they follow the specials measures to safeguard the environment by using biodegradable products to ensure that the host country is not affected by this process of tourist visiting the place. The common complaint put forth in the case of tourist areas is how the tourists delude the original cultural values of the place. In this case, the company is a family owned small business and they have taken efforts to preserve the original culture and pride in showcasing their culture to the tourist (Moonrakers, 2016). Since they belong to the area, it can be easily observed that they benefit the host country in terms of bringing in revenue and also preserve the local culture of the place.
Benchmarking for other companies
Serve as a bench mark standard for other companies. During the offseason between June to September, this company undertakes local researcher to ensure the best way to protect the environment. A number of innovative approaches are undertaken by the company for this process. In 2013, the owner has undertaken research by following the best practices and involved in rehabilitation of the areas. Apart from this, they have managed to survive from 1990s onwards in terms of maintaining revenue in the area. This shows that the company has all the mandatory prerequisite to survive and shows the other companies ways to staff afloat and also be environmentally friendly (Moonrakers, 2016).
Maintenance of the ecological balance
Maintain the ecological balance and the marine area. For this purpose, the business has dedicated sites which allow people to simply view the area and the rich environment. There are a number of efforts taken by the company to preserve the area and they call those preservation areas as “patches”. They have taken a number of efforts to protect the local vegetation (Moonrakers, 2016).
In 2012, this company had been actively involved in removal of the aquatic pest causing disruption to the natural vegetation in the areas. In the years 2012-2013, they are involved in removal of the marine pests and rehabilitation of the area (Moonrakers, 2016). They strive towards preserving the environment.
Areas of weakness
Even though the company is actively involved in the process of preserving the environment and has a number of factors working towards its favour, there is still certain issues that need to be addressed by the company.
Economic issues of managing extra resources
Like other tourism companies, this company faces the brunt of the issues of economics in the area. They are found to be dependent on the seasonal tourists. The off seasons are between July to September in this area (Ivanov & Ivanova, 2013). It is considerably low paying in this area. During certain seasons, there is high influx of tourist and it is difficult to maintain resources for some months and hire part time employees during these times. All of this affects the economics of the company. There is a general issue in the management of resources during certain times.