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英国论文: 汶川地震等灾害发生原因的讨论分析

灾害被认为是发生频率较低的自然事件,但人们并不这样认为。社会的秩序影响着灾害向灾难的转化。地震等灾害的发生是由于一个社区极度贫困,而另一个社区完全破坏了周围环境的人们自称是发达国家的结果。2008年发生的汶川地震可能是自然和社会的结合(Bankoff, 2010)。



英国论文 : 汶川地震等灾害发生原因的讨论分析


英国论文 : 汶川地震等灾害发生原因的讨论分析

Hazards are considered to be natural events that happen less frequently but disasters are not regarded so. The ordering of a society influences the transformation of a hazard into disaster. Disasters such as earthquakes occur as a result of self proclaimed developed world by people where one community is under huge poverty and the other community totally abolishes the surrounding. Wenchuan earthquake that took place in 2008 was perhaps a combination of natural and social (Bankoff, 2010).
First of all, the area is occupied by large number of people that is beyond the original capacity. This is one important cause for the tragedy. The other cause is the human induced climate change that altered the original environmental habitat and brought out variations in weather patterns.
Coming to the vulnerability, humans as well as the environment are vulnerable. Humans are vulnerable because of their lack of emergency preparedness activities and continuous human policies that affected normal lives. The environment is vulnerable due to high pressure and susceptibility to loss of habitats at an ease. Wenchuan is known to be a large area where deforestation had happened in large volumes in order to enable migrants to settle safer and easily.

英国论文 : 汶川地震等灾害发生原因的讨论分析

While Wenchuan is a human developed nation, it has not faced any serious disasters in the past. This has probably reduced the need to be aware of disasters and quickly execute adaptation skills in the fuzzy zone. In other words, lack of technologies is yet another reason. These inefficiencies have also added to poor reconstruction. Although relief materials were distributed, the human induced emergencies still did not receive proper contingency plans. When the impact is not rightly understood, it shows the likelihood for yet another disaster to occur and these could probably be because of dynamic pressures.