Assignment First


鸡尾酒酒吧在酒店可容纳人,60座。在酒店的会议室可以容纳200人。年均占据去年是69.57%和工作日的酒店酒店的入住率是100%。这就构成了工作日周一至周四和35 – 40%的酒店。星期天,房间的入住率是23%,从周一到周二是87%至97%,是周三的峰值100%。周四房间的入住率最低入住率为9%,周五和周六是45%。这周四解释说,酒店几乎是免费可能是周四出席和其他住宿一周可以发生在其他的几天除了周三周四因为产量的房间是100%。现在房间的收益率将解释表形式:




The cocktail bar at the hotel can accommodate people and is 60 seater. The conference rooms at the hotel can accommodate 200 people. Average annual occupy of the hotel for last year is 69.57% and weekday occupancy of the hotel is 100%. This constitutes Monday to Thursday and 35-40% on the weekdays at the hotel. On Sundays, the occupancy of the room is 23% and from Monday to Tuesday it is 87% to 97% and it is on the peak of 100% on Wednesday. The occupancy of the room is lowest on Thursday with 9% occupancy and on Friday and Saturday it is 45%. This explains that the hotel is almost free on Thursday so the potential is present at Thursday and other accommodations can take place on other days of the week except for Wednesday because yield of rooms is 100% on Thursday. Now the yield of rooms will be explained in the table form:
Yield management of the hotel
After looking at the yield of the rooms, the next step is to look into the clients or customers of the hotel that fall into the category. Craswell (2007) commented that when the hotel will have an idea about the customers and what is their buying and staying pattern at the hotel accommodation and management of the rooms can be conducted easily. It is important for the hotel management and marketing team that they look into the client type and then accommodate the rooms. Hayes and Ninemier (2010) commented that niche segment and market are very important for every company and if any brand has that market, they can cover all expenses for catering that particular segment. But right now the place of attention is about the 100% yield of rooms on Wednesday. It is important that hotel looks into the customers that fill up on Wednesday and make proper plan for these specific customers. When these customers will be filled segmentation can take place easily.