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Each and every decade there are some or the other things which catches the attention of a large number of people and become an important part of the society. One of the most important elements of the historical history which is known for its grandeur is the Great Exhibition. The greatest event founded in communication history of 19th century is ‘The Great Exhibition’, the first international exhibition of raw material, manufactured products and fine art, which commonly seen as a symbol of mid Victorian. This event officially named ‘Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations’ and was organized by Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, and Henry Cole, took place in Hyde Park, London in 1851 (Davids, 1999, p.33). It displayed over 100,000 exhibits represented cutting-edge achievement of industrial science and world culture in that time period, in order to celebrate the modern industrial development and technology level, and promote world peace and trade (Auerbach, 1999). The signify of this event does not only shown on its influence to society of that time due to the exhibited content, but also the profound and lasting meaning of exhibition culture to later ages (Richard, 1991). This essay is a brief analysis of ‘The Great Exhibition’ and later followed forms, covering the visitor experience related to ‘Exhibitionary complex’. In this research paper, the discussion will be focused on the great exhibition and the later related forms of the same train the visitors and their experience.

According to the words of Charlotte Bronte, a great English Novelist and the poet, The Great Exhibition is one of the most wonderful places in the history (Barker, 1997). This is completely true and up to the words. The Great Exhibition is one of the beautiful places in the world which is unique not just for a single thing but for a large number of things and the way they are organized. It is an exhibition of each and every thing which had been existing in the human history (Auerbach, 1999). The Great Exhibition is an example of the British display of perfection. Be it the engineering behind the place, the innovation, the science or the art, each and every thing is presented in a breathtaking manner. The building created for the Great Exhibition of 1951, was itself a marvel.