Assignment First






The reinforcement techniques  that includes the sanctions, requirements of the certification and the conditional aids that should be provided to the developing countries in order to prevent conflict situations.  The four underlying regularities implied collectively by the natural resources and the civil wars are: Firstly the situation of conflicts mainly the separatist conflicts arises due to the increase in oil. Secondly the conflicts are not likely to begin due to the ‘lootable commodities’ this word was given like this only in the details on net such as gemstones and drugs but they seemed to lengthen the conflicts in the country. Thirdly no clearly visible link is seen between the agricultural commodities that are legal and the civil wars. Lastly the primary commodities that includes both the agricultural goods and the oil and the beginning of the unpleasant civil wars as their association acts as a sturdy in construction of successful nations.

Consequences of the violent conflicts:

Great and sudden damages are caused by the violent conflicts for developing countries and even for their neighboring countries. These sudden damages hinder and prevent the course of economic growth and development of the developing countries. According to the recent researches conducted by the World Bank it was revealed that the countries that are heavily affected by the causes of conflicts and civil wars are those countries whose economies are  heavily dependent on natural resources for their  development (Ross, 2004).  The topic on which the discussion will be done mainly lays emphasis on the natural resources and the violent conflicts. The links are discussed between the resource dependence conflicts and the ways in which the risk of civil wars can be reduced in these nations. The other factors that contribute in conflicts in these nations are the risks of corruption, secessionist movements and rebel financing.