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 Leadership is described as a trait in a particular person which he can use to support or aid others around him for the completion of any task. People follow leaders as the leader directs them how to accomplish a particular job. Leadership hence can also be defined as motivating and organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal. Leaders are the people who are responsible of giving direction to their team and the followers (Daft, 2014). They need to be strong in head and at the same time empathetic with their team members.
The major key skills which are used by the leaders are:
A leader should have to ability to accept his followers are team members as they are. He should never change them the way he likes them to be.
The leader should have a direct approach to the problem based on present events and not based on past events.
The leader should not differentiate among its team members. He should be courteous to the people close to him in the same manner as he is when he meets any stranger.
The leader should always trust the team with which he is working even if trust is at high stake.
The leader should not demand attention and should be able to do his work silently irrespective of the fact whether other is watching him or not.
Each leader has a different style of working with his people. However, a good leader always exhibits desire to succeed, sharing vision, determination, desire, problem solving abilities and above all, the ability to make decisions (Ciulla, 2014).
Risk Tolerance: If a leader constantly avoids taking risk and avoids confrontations, then this would lead to procrastination in the decision-making process. A leader always tries and finds the balance between the extreme decisions and always tries to take the middle path. A good leader however takes decisions without worrying about the risks involved.