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The purpose of the thesis is to identify issues and concerns in the banking accounting and management system and identify possible ways to improve the system based on data collected on the international branches of Citi. The research discusses ways to combine analytic ability, comprehensive fiscal knowledge and customer service skills to help clients define and reach their financial goals. The key challenges are identified for the Shenzhen branch and recommendations are made to alleviate the issues through a case study approach.

With domestic banks fierce competition in the financial sector of China, account manager entity in the banks is an important way to improve banking customer service. They also play a key role in marketing. However, China’s account manager system is still not of the required quality so as to meet the demands of the competitive banking system. Customer management is also a core part of the account management in Banks. There are many internal issues and macro environmental issues affecting the banking system in China. The Bank management system-manager plays a key role in alleviating the impact of these issues in order to provide a seamless, transparent and convenient banking service to the customer.