Assignment First






Let’s discuss the team plan for all the staff members who are going to contribute for the project. There are around 25 technicians, 18 workers and 15 other office staffs under the team of Suzan, who is leading the engineering team. These people are highly skilled in their job and take a handsome salary. It is essential to have a well experience staff team in order to eradicate the fossil fuel cars; as the people largely contribute in the production of the solar cars.

John is leading the marketing team which is composed of five highly qualified members. These members are going to conduct different programs to raise the productivity and market of our product. The productivity and market are two basic functions of this team. It is not an easy job for a company to talk about some change in the system, and to come up with a renewable energy plan and defend its features. Ali is also there to create a bridge between these departments, which will allow knowing both parameters. Last but not the least, the chief operating officer, Alan, who is responsible for all this setup and clearly watching all the boys in the making of this cause- the solar car.

This report clearly delivers all the parameters of the new product- the solar car. This solar car will be definitely proved as a trend setter for many companies that are looking for a change in automobile industry via solar energy. Solar energy is the most abundant energy available, which can easily replace fossil fuels. There are many reasons to look for a renewable product which is being discussed above very deeply. Some of them include cost parameters, economic feasibility, growth harmful effects to atmosphere, and many others. Our company assures a great result through the productivity and marketing of this product.